Panel: Investment roadmap to net zero by 2050How to champion ESG and deliver sustainable advice
Partner Panel: Future goals vs values-based investing
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Australia has been earmarked by global standards as one of the last countries to hit net-zero emissions in the world. To remain ahead, timing your conversations with clients is now critical.

Plant the ESG seed – discover the conversations you need to have with your clients TODAY to reap the benefits in years to come.

In this session, uncover global and local learnings as our panellists discuss:

  • The benefits of achieving net zero and how investing in renewables can play an essential role in risk management and provide maximum returns
  • How you, as an adviser, can act as a powerful driver for much-needed climate action
  • What asset classes will be the winners and losers as a result of sustainability initiatives and how you can evaluate climate risk to decarbonise your portfolios
  • How you can lead clients to invest with impact and position their portfolios to take advantage of this shift
Daniela Jaramillo
Director, Sustainable
Investing, Fidelity International
Shane Hurst
Managing Director, Portfolio
Manager – ClearBridge Investments
Tim Samway
Chairman, Packhorse
Investments Australia



In this session, our panel will discuss how you can adopt strategies for delivering sustainable and ethical advice. Become an ESG champion as you discover your journey forward and learn how you can navigate conversations, overcome common pitfalls and deliver value to your clients through responsible investment.

The future of investing is here. The success of your clients’ goals in 2022 and beyond not only accounts for investment returns financially, but also the ability to impact change in matters that align with client values. As an adviser, your duty of care will be to provide practical investment strategies that are in line with client values and philosophy but also maintain investment return goals.

In this session, gain insights into values-based investing and learn how to utilise it to break down barriers and create meaningful client relationships.

James Harwood
Senior Portfolio Manager, ESG Strategies, Australasia, Russell Investments
Phil Pilgrim
General Manager, Partnerships and Distribution, Implemented Portfolios
Elisa Di Marco (SYD)
Portfolio Manager, MFG Core ESG Fund, Magellan Asset Management

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