Panel: Advice meets the 'S' in ESG
Panel: What is ‘green crypto’, really?

Social | Practice Management

Social issues such as diversity are making headlines accross the globe. With a shrinking advice industry, how can practice leaders pave the way to a brighter future, attract new talent, and win tomorrow’s business by advocating for a diverse, socially minded industry?

In this session, hear from leaders in financial services paving the way in ESG as they share their strategic and long-term focus on the social impact to provide greater value to their clients, the economy and the greater good.

Ben Nash
Adviser & Founder, Pivot Wealth
Jessica Brady
Co-Founder Financial Adviser, Fox and Hare
Camilla Love
Managing Director, eInvest Australia; Founder, F3 – Future Females in Finance

Asset Classes | Ethical Investment

Crypto raises concerns for its carbon footprint, facilitation of illegal activity, and decentralised governance issues. However, its ability to make domestic clean energy more affordable and empower people to freely access money stirs the ESG debate.

In this session, we address common questions for those looking to invest in ESG-friendly crypto.

  • Is crypto an ESG-friendly asset class?
  • What are the key ESG considerations for crypto and blockchain tech?
  • What differentiates one currency from the next?
  • Is it possible to trace a green crypto coin?

Join us as we unpack the key ESG considerations and key concerns for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology so you can make informed investment decisions.

Guy Dickinson
CEO, BetaCarbon
Pras Indrakumar
Manager, Wealth & Investment, Zerocap
Simon O’Connor
CEO, Responsible Investment Association Australasia